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*NEW* Vernatsch Rosé

Great news for all the ladies – and gentlemen!

Florian and Franz made a Vernatsch Rosé this year! This Rose is a Sagné from our St.Magdalener Vigna Rondell. A Sagnè means that at the beginning of the fermentation you take some juice out of the tank, without skins, so the juice doesn’t have a lot of color at that moment. The juice came from our single vineyard/cru St.Magdalener, this gives it a good concentration but also a lot of elegance at the same time. So the same characteristics that are key for our St.Magdalener Vigna Rondell. The varieties are 95% Schiava/Vernatsch and 5% Lagrein. The quantity is very limited, only 300 bottles were produced and not much is still available… so hurry up if you like to try some!


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