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Martin Kilchmann has written an interesting article about the history and current situation of Schiava/Vernatsch. He writes, for example, about the areas of cultivation and the production numbers: 30 years ago, 60% of the 5400 hectares of vineyards in South Tyrol were planted with Schiava, today the figure is only 13%. Nevertheless, Schiava remains the most important South Tyrolean variety.

Kilchmann says: “The wine freaks have known it for a long time: They are looking for light, fruity, elegant drops with esprit. And they can find them in a Kalterersee, a St. Magdalener or Meraner. With its aromas of black cherries, plums and bitter almonds and its lively character, Vernatsch is back in fashion”.

Read the full report  (in german) hier.


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